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ICMA-RC Unveils Account Aggregation Service

June 11, 2018

ICMA-RC is committed to helping public sector employees build retirement security with industry-leading technology, tools, and resources. Today the corporation announces the recent launch of its Account Aggregation service, which enables public sector participants to connect and view all of their finances - ICMA-RC accounts and other financial accounts - in one location.

Account Aggregation is a free service that is available to all ICMA-RC participants. Outside accounts that can be connected include, credit card, checking, saving, brokerage, and retirement accounts.

"ICMA-RC is committed to investing substantially in technology for the benefit of our local and state government clients, and we are pleased to offer ICMA-RC's Account Aggregation service, which provides participants with a clear picture of their financial situation. This is one way we can help them navigate toward a secure retirement," said ICMA-RC President and CEO Bob Schultze.

Features of ICMA-RC's Account Aggregation service include:

  • Holdings - breaks down a participant's individual holdings across all accounts
  • Asset Allocation - shows a participant's asset allocation across all accounts
  • Transactions - allows a participant to see transactions from accounts and credit cards
  • Spending - allows a participant to track their spending by categorizing credit card transactions
  • Goals - calculates a monthly savings amount required for a participant to reach specific financial goals

"This new service demonstrates our continued focus on putting strategically driven technology solutions within participants' reach and further providing them with tools to make informed decisions while saving toward their retirement goals," said Karla Gill, Senior Vice President and Chief Information & Innovation Officer.

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