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Investment Philosophy

Our Multi-Management Approach to Investing

Investment PhilosophyWe believe that in addition to traditional investment approaches, such as diversification, asset allocation, and a long-term perspective, a multi-manager approach and investment style serve investors who are working to build retirement security.

In a multi-managed approach, managers with different but complementary investing approaches are selected and integrated within a single fund in proportions that are expected to optimize return relative to risk. We believe this not only increases diversification but also may improve the consistency of returns over time by eliminating reliance on the results of a single manager.

  • Your MissionSquare Retirement employer retirement plan generally invests in MissionSquare  Funds, some of which invest in mutual funds that use a multi-management approach.
  • MissionSquare Retirement's Retirement Health Savings Plans make available MissionSquare Funds, many of which use a multi-management approach.

To learn more about investment options available to you, log in to your account, call Participant Services at (800) 669-7400, or contact your MissionSquare Retirement representative.

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